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Learning Path for LLMs in 2024


In this new year, if you're eager to embark on your journey with Large Language Models (LLMs), here's a list of valuable resources to help you kickstart your learning.

For those seeking a quick overview of #LLM, here are informative videos:

💡 State of GPT by Karpathy

💡 A Hacker's Guide to Language Models by Jeremy Howard

💡 Intro to Large Language Models by Karpathy

For concise short courses, Deep Learning AI's offerings is a great place. Some of the helpful ones are:

📚 ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

📚 Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback

📚 Fine-tuning Large Language Models

📚 Building and Evaluating Advanced RAG Applications Access courses here

Business users and managers looking to grasp the #GenAI landscape and its potential can benefit from:

🎯 Generative AI for Everyone by

For comprehensive technical understanding of LLM models, consider these courses:

🎓 Generative AI with Large Language Models by

🎓 Generative AI for Beginners by Microsoft

🎓 LLM Bootcamp by fullstackdeeplearning

Additional courses to enhance your #GenAI journey:

🌟 Deep Reinforcement Learning course by Huggingface

🌟 Prompt Engineering Guide by Dair AI

Please let me know in comments, if you have come across any other useful courses for #LLM

Happy learning!